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Today is my seventh anniversary loving you, babies -because no matter how old you are, you'll always be my babies :D-, and I'm happy you're still there, giving us so many wonderful, magical things.

7th Ann1.jpg

For all you have given me in these seven years, thank you!!

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Oh my, yes!!! Another year behind and another birthday baby!!! Don't you find this goes a little too fast???

Anyway, good news are that, like a very good wine, you keep getting better and better as time goes by. And that I keep feeling as hooked as the first day I knew you had got me for good.

So baby, I may had had tecnical impediments, bad times, bad health, bad moods, bad whatever, but in spite of everything, guess what... I still love you to bits and want to celebrate, if not with you in person -I wished!! :p-, through the distance... The sentiment is same as if I had the cosmic gift of being with you for real...

So let's celebrate! )
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It's been six years... So long!!!

But I'm still here...

And in this sixth year, I love you still.

Your eyes, your mouth, your hands,

the beloved knowledge of your body,

your smile, your tears.

Your mind, your soul.

Your everything,

In just a word, you,



I love you <3
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So here I go with some fifty words more. This time was even more difficult to get on with it, maybe because I'm not used to write in a regular basis or maybe because writing short sentences and try to condense a simple thought in just one is complicated for me. I always write long, even if not regularly and this has been a real challenge.

Again thanks a lot to the ones in [ profile] 1sentenceorder for giving me so many words to work with :D

But let's go into it!!!

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Well, here again with another fifty words... And many thanks to [ profile] 1sentenceorder for them!!

As usual Arashi related and under the cut ;)

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It's been long since I have been able to write something, anything. Together with my writer's apathy, my pc broke and I wasn't able to for a very, very long time, even if I had tried. But thanks to a kind sould that gifted me with her old laptop and to good writers out there that have shaken my wish for putting images into words again, I'm trying.

I haven't even finished anything I have ever started, appart from just a few, shorts things that I kept for myself, but I wanted to change that tendency and also gather the courage to post it. And to begin with, I found this community [ profile] 1sentenceorder that gave me a first push.

I read in their rules that it is not necessary to join and that just crediting them for the words they give as inspiration it's all right. They allow to use them in a free manner, not subject to the community rules. And as I just wanted to stretch out a bit, I opted for keeping it at my journal and do it free style. Thanks very much to them for prompting me to some kind of a start!

I'm sorry the community symbol doesn't show, but I don't know what's wrong with lj that only gives me the user's one after several attempts of correcting it. Please forgive me. The link works anyway.

And now, on with the one sentence thingy per word, until 50... I hope you like it, even if I feel a bit rusty ;) Of course is Arashi related... The crush goes on, and on...

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It's been ages since I last posted!!! Has two years passed already??? And today of all days I felt the need to come and write a bit.

Two years... And nothing has really changed much. I still have a work that sucks. Still hate my boss :p Still not feeling well most of the days... But as I always think when I feel too blue or depressed, there are people in much worse situations than I am, so I can not really complain if I go on more or less like this...

There's also something that keeps being with me. My love for the boys. I love them very much. Each day more, if that's possible. And I'm still mad about the boy himself... Five years, four months and twenty seven days hooked to that little marvell that is Ohno Satoshi... And counting for more, I hope :D Only explanation for this long one-sided romance is that he is a sorcerer that used one of his spells to get me at his feet :p But I'm a willing bewitched XD

And more and more... How could it be otherwise when he's looking so outstanding??? Now with all those fabulous suits, shirts, ties, watches... I'm tempted to do a fashion catalogue on everything he's wearing. To think I'm not much for suits and ties and now I'm loving everyone he's wearing!!! And the matching handkerchiefs!! Pretty colours, marvellous fabrics... And a very pretty, manly, seductive, hot, sexy, sensous, yummy guy underneath all those <333

Uhmm, but as much as I love to keep talking about him and the boys and what they do and how they cheer me up, I have to stop here. Still must finish or so, an awful task my boss through at me bouaaaaa... I have been all week with it and still wasn't able to finish because it is monstruous!!! So I have to keep working, on a saturday... bleh...

Well, at least I have came back and written a bit :D Also because a kind soul heard about my broken pc and passed me her old laptop that goes quite well *crossing fingers it does for a loooooooong time*. Another reason I couldn't post at all, not having a computer at hand for so long.

But as I said, I must work... I hope I can finish and at least enjoy sunday oufff...
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It's still your birthday in my country and, even I'm not feeling good at all and have not much energy, I didn't want to let go this day without posting a little bit. I'm sorry I can't do anything better, but that doesn't mean what I feel for you is any different.

I love you my precious and I wish you to be happy, to treasure your smile and your laughter. Your stare, so beautiful and deep. Your feet that can float in the air and your voice that caress my heart. And your childlike side.

Take care. Always take care. But be free. Be yourself. No matter what. No matter who.

Happy birthday corazón... May you cry today but not for any harm or pain but because you feel loved ♡♡♡

I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Tempus fugit baby...

Fouryears ago, in a day like today, I knew I was hooked. But little did I know I would keep under your spell for so long. For so long just in terms of the so called "real time flow", because it has passed so quickly that it seems just yesterday.

Anyway, this long-short term has been full of things you, by you, for you, about you, so rich and liberating. So helpfull, so hopfull, so enriching that I would need another four years to try and explaining.

But maybe I don't need to explain. The most beautifull things of this world don't need any explanation. Just to feel them, to let them fill our minds, hearts and bodies. And that's what I did. I just let myself get caught, enchanted, bewitched...

All I want is a fith year with more of this. And a sixth and a seventh... Many, many more years with you there, making my life brighter.

Four years and counting...

As always, be happy, be healthy and take care of yourself.

I could't make a post with pics but... you know what. It doesn't matter. I just have to close my eyes to see the thousand pictures of you that are stored in my heart. I just needed to be here and say it...

I love you ♡♡♡♡
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Well yes... It's been long since the last time I posted. In fact it's been a time since I last came to LJ. And now that I did I just feel like ranting for all the awful changes they made X(

But I won't make this too long. It's 03:30 here and I have to go back to bed, to try and catch some sleep, before the bad friday I'm fearing awaits for me at work. So... I'll just say the genious behind the changes in the appearance of the journal should move some place else :(

And if they're aware we don't like all those sudden changes, as they clearly said in one of their last notifications... why do they keep doing it??? Specially if those changes doesn't really improve anything and the disruptions go on and the fastidious bugs keep running all over the place and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... oufff...

Just to name one of the things that had bothered me more, let's take the user info design. It's simply horrible to watch and I haven't found a way to change it, which surely means they don't allow you an option to do so and go back to the previous version. The appearance of it should be a personal choice as it's your personal card and the first impression others get from you. But no, it has just turned into another one of those horrible pages, as in many other internet places now, that tends to the simplistic -the more, the better-, as if we were all five year old children who need enourmous buttons, faded colours and a dull layout, copied from the ones in i-pads and cells.

It's a pity, because I really used to love LJ. But they're making me feel just the opposite.

Good night everyone... cypros has just left the building :p
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Hi sexy!!! And happy birthday!!!

I hope you have a great day, plenty of love!!!

And as I can not be one of those giving you love from a close distance... Let me just give it to you from here and celebrate it by thanking whatever or whomever put you in this world...

My perfect one ; )
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Three years ago, in a day like today, I fell for you...

título o descripción

And you became the light of my life...

Three years ago... )
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It seems yesterday... Yesterday when I first saw you all and my journey in your rainbow began.

It hasn't been easy, as real life insists in making things hard and difficult and tries to make me put you appart in the process, but you have succeded in staying here, putting light and smiles when darkness and tears tried to invade it all.

título o descripción

Yesterday, but it was three years ago, on the 4th november 2010 that you came to me and your magic started to operate on me. For that and as always, I thank you. And please, keep being there, as I always ask too. At least in my mind and in my heart...

I love you all <3 )
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Pues sí, otro añito más que cumples en Johnny's y otro en que me retraso un día para congratularme contigo y en que no puedo hacerlo como yo quisiera por no disponer de ordenador propio en este momento. Pero como dicen que la intención es lo que cuenta y la mía es muy buena, pues aquí va... MUCHÍSIMAS FELICIDADES, GORGEOUS <3

Para otros aniversarios que se acercan, espero contar con un trasto computerizado en condiciones y así compensar la modestia de este post...

Anyway...Omedetou baby!!! <3 <3 <3
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Still together... Still wonderful... Still giving us so much...

So let me adress an open letter to you... It won't contain but a glimpse of what I feel about you but enough...

Through here... )
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I have to thank [ profile] karasu_0 for her comment in a post of one of my friends. That comment awoke in me the need to express some things about that particular matter. That's the reason of this post that originally was a reply to her but that ended up being so long as to make me move it in here.

Please allow me to tell you that what follows it's just my personal point of view and that of course I don't intend to change yours. These are just some things I wanted to express after reading your comment Also I should warn you that passion and reason form a strange mixture inside me and make me what I am. Being passion what won me over in answering you, I'd like to apologize in advance if any of my remarks or the way they were put into writing, bothers you in any way.

That said... )
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Hello baby :D

This year my post to congratulate you is not going to be very fancy and I'm sorry for that. But my computer is down and I can't not post as I would like to...

But they say intention is what counts, isn't it?  )
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Always there, in that part of me that is entirely yours...

título o descripción

Cuddling around me... hugging my inner self deliciously and filling it with so much tenderness and love... All that tenderness and love I know you keep inside you...

It was also the 18th November, but two years ago, when I knew I had fell for you. And not a day has passed without you since then.

Not an hour, not a minute... )
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Lately, it's about anniversaries in my place :D And today the anniversary is quite special. Because a day like today, two years ago I met you for the first time and everything changed...

I always thank you for being there, for keeping doing what you do, that is a very hard work, able to make us all happy and transform darkness into brightness... And today I have to do it again... Just let me do it for the umpteenth time...

Just let me... )
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Aunque con retraso de un día, aquí estoy para felicitarte por ese nuevo aniversario en tu cuenta... Dieciocho añitos en Johnny's... ¡Se dice pronto!

¡¡¡Felicidades veterano :D )


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