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Lately, it's about anniversaries in my place :D And today the anniversary is quite special. Because a day like today, two years ago I met you for the first time and everything changed...

I always thank you for being there, for keeping doing what you do, that is a very hard work, able to make us all happy and transform darkness into brightness... And today I have to do it again... Just let me do it for the umpteenth time...

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Thank you boys, because you are a gift. A rare gift composed of five individual gifts... A gift forged by tears and laughters and very, very hard work, and bad days, and good days and extraordinary days. A gift to the eyes, the ears, the heart and the spirit... A gift to the soul...

To have the chance to meet you, was another gift. One I'm enjoying so much that I can not put into words as I would like. But just know everything is better because of you.

Keep being there, please... Sometimes when I think about this, I feel kind of selfish, because I know, at one point in the future, you'll stop being together and it's just normal you'll go on with your own lives, but I can't help feeling sad when imagining it. So please, at least for some more years... keep being there ;)

Sometimes I'd like to stop time, froze a moment and be able to go back to it whenever I want to. I'll do it with that precise moment I first saw you, I first listened to your voices and I fell for you all for the first time... It was "Truth"... The truth that lies in everything you do and everything you give to us...

Keep making of this, a beautiful world <3

Credit for the pic goes to mi-chan and one of her scans from the Beautiful World Tour Panphlet ;)
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