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Well, here again with another fifty words... And many thanks to [ profile] 1sentenceorder for them!!

As usual Arashi related and under the cut ;)

Title: Musings Part II... (Well yes... I'm still terrible regarding titles :s)
Pairing(s): Again different ones, or just general and/or individual thoughts. And again, some not named. Of course it's up to you to put the one(s) you prefer on those ;)
Rating: I'm never sure of this but I'll say again PG-13 and if someone feels like correcting me, please do so :D
Disclaimer: They're still not mine and I'm not worthy of suing.
Warning(s): Slash, a few ones a bit more explicit than the previous but not too much.
Summary: Do I have too? No??? Thanks!!! ;)
Notes: As I said, I took the theme set Beta this time and I must say some were a bit difficult. Maybe also because today was headache day oufff... Still Not beta read but I'll check it again when my brain gets clearer. I just wanted to post it before the day ends, as I have promised myself to post a theme set per day, if circumstances allow it...

* * *

1.- Walking
Nino’s footprints disappear as the waves bathe the sand, approaching and retracting in an endless motion, and his fingers tighten around Ohno’s as if afraid of them taking him along too.

2.- Waltz
Jun’s watching the groom and bride dancing gracefully, while wondering who would lead if Sho and him where in their places.

3.- Wishes
Just for once, why not a real one, and not just a fake gesture to please their fans?

4.- Wonder
It fills him with wonder how Ohno gets more appealing every year.

5.- Worry
There are no words exchanged between them but there’s no need, as they silently survey the entrance of the emergency room.

6.- Whimsy
Nino laughs at the last pun Ohno decides to short out, not even pretending to be funny, and ponders how rare he is, though not in the sense people usually think.

7.- Waste/Wasteland
Just some days before, that place was full of people leaving his life, but as Sho takes a look at his surroundings, he becomes painfully aware of how fragile all things are.

8.- Whiskey and rum
Aiba totally ignores Jun’s statement that such a mix will have them probably under the table in no time.

9.- War
Jun surrenders, the moment Sho’s tongue licks a burning path over his collarbone.

10.- Weddings
Jun is short of fingers to count the number of times he’s been in the verge of marrying a certain girl named Maou.

11.- Birthday
As they march close to him and he tries not to laugh his ass off, Sho makes a mental note to ask Ohno not to discard that police uniform, just in case they may be some more missions ahead.

12.- Blessing
Ohno feels humbled and small everytime they burnt incense just before starting filming, asking for protection.

13.- Bias
Nino knows he’s not being blinded by love so he keeps stating that Ohno’s mouth is the prettiest mouth in the world as Sho protests it’s Jun’s.

14.- Burning
Even he’s afraid of being consumed at the touch of that feverish skin against his, he gets closer and closer, until it seems the whole space is going to go up into flames.

15.- Breathing
He wants to feel it there, over that sensitive spot at the base of his neck, making him shiver and feel week.

16.- Breaking
Jun welcomes him in his embrance as Aiba cries his eyes out.

17.- Belief
There must be something after everything ends, and so he keeps nurturing that thought.

18.- Balloon
To think it all started because he liked to play basketball.

19.- Balcony
Down there and all around, Tokyo seems embroidered in precious jewels that glitter in the darkness.

20.- Bane
Along the years he has regretted lost chances and different paths not taken but for a time now he has the definite notion that without them he’d be downfallen long ago.

21.- Quiet
Nino loves his silent stance, the one that speaks volumes without saying a word.

22.- Quirks
Ohno said once he was an alien and Nino could not agree more with him.

23.- Question
‘Would you marry me?’ may sound as too direct an approach, so he just goes for ‘Will you spend the rest of your life with me?’.

24.- Quarrel
It’s all shouting and yelling and cursing, until Jun decides to take his glasses off, and Sho suddenly forgets what was all about anyway.

25.- Quitting
If it’s a free trip to Hawaii he can wait just a bit longer and maybe find something interesting around there.

26.- Jump
There’s nothing but air around him and the freedom of being in mid space for a few seconds.

27.- Jester
Only Ohno could play the king and the jester in one go and still look hot and majestic.

28.- Jousting
Jun pats his shoulder and recognizes defeat at the end of the competition and secretly melts at the shyness in Ohno’s eyes when being praised.

29.- Jewel
The man in the big chair makes wonders to stop the rumors and protect him, as he can’t afford to lose him, no matter what it costs.

30.- Just
It only takes a kiss and he’s lost for good.

31.- Smirk
Sometimes Ohno dislikes that smile on Nino’s lips that tells him he doesn’t really believe in human kindness, even he knows it’s just a lie to keep his walls in place.

32.- Sorrow
His mother is there, waiting for him as usual, and he just gets suddenly torn by the sharpenning, inevitable fact that one day she won’t be there at all.

33.- Stupidity
He knows he’s being silly but he just needs Jun to say once more to him that he’s unique and precious.

34.- Serenade
Nino has to detach himself from the phone as a very drunk Ohno sings at the top of his lungs that he loves him.

35.- Sarcasm
Nino hates being taken for granted so he does what he does best in the world that is to use his tongue to virtually knock down that silly bastard.

36.- Sordid
The thing in itself is not the worst but the way people use to torn and turned those kind of rumors or proven facts into shameful matters.

37.- Soliloquy
To love or not to love is in fact the real question.

38.- Sojourn
Nino camps in Aiba’s appartment as if he was in his own home but the best is Aiba firmly believes it is.

39.- Share
Nino does his best to put most of the contents of his plate in Ohno’s, as he already has a pretty plasma screen at home and doesn’t need a second one.

40.- Solitary
It’s amazing how he now can spare so much time surrounded by people but feel isolated until he meets with them and all makes sense.

41.- Nowhere
It’s an aseptic hotel room with nothing around to remind him of his eyes, his mouth or his scent.

42.- Neutral
The next day they don’t dare to look at each other and just pretend nothing happened.

43.- Nuance
There’s a difference in Ohno’s eyes when he jokes about being in love with him and when they’re alone and he looks at him for real.

44.- Near
It’s good he can blame it on fan service and nobody seems surprised if he gets impossibly close to him.

45.- Natural
The laws of gravity don’t apply to him and it’s amazing how he makes it feel easy as if he didn’t need to force anything to flow.

46.- Horizon
One day he’ll be able to go far in the open sea and reach that far point ahead he has never been into.

47.- Valiant
Ohno can’t not thank Sho with words or tell him how brave he is, after he put in their place those fans that charged at him with insults he didn’t deserve, but just needs to hug him and he’ll know.

48.- Virtuous
The perfect note hangs for a few seconds in the air, taking everyone’s breath, and the amazing voice fades gently into the night.

49.- Victory
He knows they can not win over all those teams that had trained for years before them, but just entering behind them tastes as sweetly as being first.

50.- Defeat
Nino cheers when he takes the card from Ohno that’ll make him win and secretly rejoyces because later, much later, he’ll console him of that pitiful debacle.
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