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So here I go with some fifty words more. This time was even more difficult to get on with it, maybe because I'm not used to write in a regular basis or maybe because writing short sentences and try to condense a simple thought in just one is complicated for me. I always write long, even if not regularly and this has been a real challenge.

Again thanks a lot to the ones in [ profile] 1sentenceorder for giving me so many words to work with :D

But let's go into it!!!

Title: Musings part III... (I know... Still awful :p)
Pairing(s): Still various and/or general love between all of them. And again single Thoughts too. There are some more with no names and those are for you to just imagine who's who ;)
Rating: PG-13, thought I'm still not sure.
Disclaimer: They're still not mine :s And I'm still not worthy of suing.
Warning(s): Slash, not very explicit.
Summary: No, definitely no, sorry XD
Notes: This time was theme set Gamma. I can't say I'm very satisfied about the result but as I said, it was kind of difficult for me. Maybe it has to do too with the fact that being Spanish, I'm used to long, subordinate phrases, far from the concise way of English, even if I don't translate from Spanish but write directly in English. And that it's always a strugle I have to face. But it was more evident in this case. Still not beta read.

As a clarification, number 10 is related to that drinking game in which players say "I have never done this or that", and it can or can not be true. If it isn't they take a drink and also the ones around.

Also I was quite puzzled at reading one of the lasts Discoveries translations and knowing Ohno had felt quite close to what I describe in the one about him playing the ice xilophone, I wrote it before knowing about that one and I didn't know I was such a good telepath O_O If only I could guess the lotery numbers too!! :p

* * *

1.- Ring
Ohno almost cried at seeing Nino still wearing the band he made for him the night before out of a napkin, when they all went out to celebrate the end of the tour.

2.- Hero
They all looked at Ohno both stupefied and marvelled, as he mentioned casually he had taken the subway to get there.

3.- Memory
He closed his eyes and prayed, not to even forget that moment, that night, those lips on his and the certainty of being loved.

4.- Box
Aiba’s smile was the same one he wore ten years ago, when they decided to bury the time capsule in his backyard.

5.- Run
He’ll never get tired of going over every aisle in the stadium at full speed, and catch glimpses of all those happy faces focused on him.

6.- Hurricane
It seemed storms like theirs could, after all, deter hurricanes.

7.- Wings
Suspended in mid air, flying from one extreme of the stadium to the other with unearthly grace, Jun only missed a pair of wings to look exactly like an angel.

8.- Cold
Winter seemed for Ohno the longest, precisely at its last days, when you could almost smell spring wanting to get there, but still not daring.

9.- Red
The wine had the same outstanding color than Sho’s lips and tasted just as delicious.

10.- Drink
Jun blushed furiously when Sho affirmed with a very straight face he hadn’t ever kissed a man with tongue, and then saw him finish the drink in one go with a flashy smirk adorning his lips.

11.- Midnight
Sho wished to be anyplace else and not in that decrepit school, waiting for some spirit to appear before him.

12.- Temptation
One day he’d give up and kiss Nino for real on National Television.

13.- View
Koji looked out the window when the distant sound of a plain interrupted the calm atmosphere of the class, unaware that that would be the last time he would laid eyes on the flat surface of the sea.

14.- Music
When the notion of not being able of hearing a sound would be, hit him, Ohno thought he could easily cease to exist if deprived of the blessing of any rhythm playing at his core.

15.- Silk
Nino realized how unfair was to think only girls had the smoothest skins, as his fingers travelled over Ohno’s navel.

16.- Cover
Under that blanket, they could pretend the world outside didn’t exist, as if a magical spell could’ve turned it invisible to the human eye.

17.- Promise
He could only make a vow to be there by his side as long as he lived, and so he did.

18.- Dream
Early in the morning, the images begin to fade but he still remembers the vivid sensation of a pair of warm lips on his.

19.- Candle
Nino blows the thirty three candles, thinking how paradoxical it is that the older you get, the more you have to exert yourself to blow them all.

20.- Talent
Sho smiles at his comrades jokes on his drawing skills but deep inside him, he envies how easy it is for Ohno to just put what he wants into a sheet of paper.

21.- Silence
For once, Aiba is at a loss of words when Jun looks seriously at him and declares he loves him deeply.

22.- Journey
He may have forgotten how he got there but not the way he has felt during that uneven ride.

23.- Fire
Nino’s glad he finally agreed to come with them and see the Tanabata fires, specially when he feels ohno's fingers tangle up with his.

24.- Strength
When Ohno confesses he wanted to quit many times and even not so long ago, Sho’s admiration for him grows as he knows what staying has really meant for him.

25.- Mask
Even with the fantasy mask hiding the rest of his features, Sho walks straight to Jun among the crowd, as he would recognize that pair of tempting lips anywhere.

It has to be done in just one go and Ohno feels nervous, unsure and frozen but to his own surprise, he remembers the notes and movements with precision and the delicate slices of ice give him a marvellous sound in reward.

27.- Fall
He has promised to resist his eyes, his mouth, his body getting closer, his smile, his hands all over him, his whole presence day after day, but when Nino whispers in his ear that he can’t live anymore without him, he just feels hopelessly falling.

28.- Forgotten
Ohno peruses the old book, looking sadly at the pictures of so many young faces that went into oblivion without a chance to prove their real value, and marvells at the miracle of not being one of them.

29.- Dance
There’s not enough space in the kitchen to move much, but they dance anyway, just turning, embracing each other and forgetting there’s a world outside that tiny corner.

30.- Body
Nino rejects the common assertion that the soul is most important than the body as he greedily wants it all from him, body, mind and soul.

31- Sacred
Ohno breaths sakely as he enters the temple, as if he could feel on him all the prayers whispered by countless voices over the centuries.

32.- Farewells
There’s something Nino hates and that is to say goodbye, so he just kisses him and tries to let him know he will return through his lips.

33.- World
When everything seems too much, he closes his eyes and imagines he goes to all those places he has dreamt to be.

34.- Formal
He wants everyone to just call him Satoshi and treat him accordingly, with no honorifics, no fake formalities, just seeing him for what he is.

35.- Fever
Sho moves restlesstly all night, but every time he tosses and turns in his troubled sleep, a cool, shoothing hand comes to his rescue, refreshing his feverish skin and making his dreams peaceful again.

36.- Laugh
There’s nothing Sho’s laugh can’t cure or at least making it feel a lot better.

37.- Lies
Nobody really believes him when Aiba caughs violently but states firmly he’s all right.

38.- Forever
Nino learnt quite soon that nothing lasts forever and couldn’t be more disappointed.

39.- Overwhelmed
He’d thought he could go on with his speech without crying, but when he had a glimpse of the vast space crowed but thousands of little glowing spots swaying in the dark, a wave of hot emotion burst inside him and he knew he was done.

40.- Whisper
Jun felt too self-conscious to tell Sho he loved him out loud, so he always waited until he fell asleep to open up his heart to him.

41.- Wait
Nino has never been the patient type, so just seating there, not knowing what’s really going on in that operation room, makes him want to scream at the top of his lungs.

42.- Talk
Nino never feels as relaxed and free as when he talks with old people and they share their wisdom with him.

43.- Search
Aiba never thought that looking for that specific seaweed could be so challenging.

44.- Hope
Maybe one day, maybe, he'd be free at last to tell him all he had kept in his heart during all those years.

45.- Eclipse
Just being four felt as if the sun was sad too and couldn’t shine completely.

46- Gravity
Sho wondered sadly, before overflying the stadium on that precarious harness, if Jun was aware that human beings were meant to walk on solid ground and not to be suspended and fly some metters above it.

47.- Highway
It had taken them many years but they have left the secondary road and are at last driving in the highway.

48.- Unknown
In entering the cave Ohno didn’t feel afraid, just thrilled of what he was going to find in there.

49.- Lock
Just for once, Enomoto would very much like to find a lock that resisted him, at least a bit longer.

50.- Breathe
Aiba let a shigh out when he felt he could breath again, without thinking every gasp would be the last.
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