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It's been a long time since the last time I posted. Some things have prevented me to do so. One of them was that I left my afternoon job after a very bad time, courtesy of my boss there and that brought me quite a hard time. I ended up feeling quite drained and low and not feeling at all inspired as to come. And I'm sorry, because I love LJ and I'd like to be more regular and keep in touch with you often. But really, I didn't have the energy, nor the spirit as to even try to log in.

Fortunatelly, life is made of ups and downs and at some given point, bad times make room for good ones, or at least to better ones and now I'm begining to feel as myself again, if not totally, more than in the past months. At least good enough as to log in again and even change my layout completely!! And good enough as to try and post again. I hope this becomes a habit from now on...

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Boy oh Boy!!! I really don't know which part of my brains is doing the writing but it's been so long since the last time I posted and I haven't kept my promise of posting pictures and etcetera, etcetera, that I felt like coming for a few secs and letting myself go a little.

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