Friday, 29 July 2016

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It's been long since I have been able to write something, anything. Together with my writer's apathy, my pc broke and I wasn't able to for a very, very long time, even if I had tried. But thanks to a kind sould that gifted me with her old laptop and to good writers out there that have shaken my wish for putting images into words again, I'm trying.

I haven't even finished anything I have ever started, appart from just a few, shorts things that I kept for myself, but I wanted to change that tendency and also gather the courage to post it. And to begin with, I found this community [ profile] 1sentenceorder that gave me a first push.

I read in their rules that it is not necessary to join and that just crediting them for the words they give as inspiration it's all right. They allow to use them in a free manner, not subject to the community rules. And as I just wanted to stretch out a bit, I opted for keeping it at my journal and do it free style. Thanks very much to them for prompting me to some kind of a start!

I'm sorry the community symbol doesn't show, but I don't know what's wrong with lj that only gives me the user's one after several attempts of correcting it. Please forgive me. The link works anyway.

And now, on with the one sentence thingy per word, until 50... I hope you like it, even if I feel a bit rusty ;) Of course is Arashi related... The crush goes on, and on...

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