Saturday, 16 April 2016

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It's been ages since I last posted!!! Has two years passed already??? And today of all days I felt the need to come and write a bit.

Two years... And nothing has really changed much. I still have a work that sucks. Still hate my boss :p Still not feeling well most of the days... But as I always think when I feel too blue or depressed, there are people in much worse situations than I am, so I can not really complain if I go on more or less like this...

There's also something that keeps being with me. My love for the boys. I love them very much. Each day more, if that's possible. And I'm still mad about the boy himself... Five years, four months and twenty seven days hooked to that little marvell that is Ohno Satoshi... And counting for more, I hope :D Only explanation for this long one-sided romance is that he is a sorcerer that used one of his spells to get me at his feet :p But I'm a willing bewitched XD

And more and more... How could it be otherwise when he's looking so outstanding??? Now with all those fabulous suits, shirts, ties, watches... I'm tempted to do a fashion catalogue on everything he's wearing. To think I'm not much for suits and ties and now I'm loving everyone he's wearing!!! And the matching handkerchiefs!! Pretty colours, marvellous fabrics... And a very pretty, manly, seductive, hot, sexy, sensous, yummy guy underneath all those <333

Uhmm, but as much as I love to keep talking about him and the boys and what they do and how they cheer me up, I have to stop here. Still must finish or so, an awful task my boss through at me bouaaaaa... I have been all week with it and still wasn't able to finish because it is monstruous!!! So I have to keep working, on a saturday... bleh...

Well, at least I have came back and written a bit :D Also because a kind soul heard about my broken pc and passed me her old laptop that goes quite well *crossing fingers it does for a loooooooong time*. Another reason I couldn't post at all, not having a computer at hand for so long.

But as I said, I must work... I hope I can finish and at least enjoy sunday oufff...


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