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It's been long since I have been able to write something, anything. Together with my writer's apathy, my pc broke and I wasn't able to for a very, very long time, even if I had tried. But thanks to a kind sould that gifted me with her old laptop and to good writers out there that have shaken my wish for putting images into words again, I'm trying.

I haven't even finished anything I have ever started, appart from just a few, shorts things that I kept for myself, but I wanted to change that tendency and also gather the courage to post it. And to begin with, I found this community [ profile] 1sentenceorder that gave me a first push.

I read in their rules that it is not necessary to join and that just crediting them for the words they give as inspiration it's all right. They allow to use them in a free manner, not subject to the community rules. And as I just wanted to stretch out a bit, I opted for keeping it at my journal and do it free style. Thanks very much to them for prompting me to some kind of a start!

I'm sorry the community symbol doesn't show, but I don't know what's wrong with lj that only gives me the user's one after several attempts of correcting it. Please forgive me. The link works anyway.

And now, on with the one sentence thingy per word, until 50... I hope you like it, even if I feel a bit rusty ;) Of course is Arashi related... The crush goes on, and on...

Title: Musings... (I know... I'm kind of awful with titles O_o)
Pairing(s): Various, or just general love between all of them. Also individual musings or realizations. And some not named. You can imagine the ones you prefer ;)
Rating: I don't really know O_O PG-13 just in case?
Disclaimer: They're not mine and I'd wish they belonged to no one :s And I'm too poor to sue, I assure you.
Warning(s): Slash, though nothing explicit. Extreme danger for whomever happens to start reading of getting bored and running away after the first one.
Summary: It would be like writing the whole thing here, so just go down and make yourself at home ;)
Notes: I took the theme set Alpha to begin with and surprisingly I started this afternoon, after coming home from work and ended it in one go. Go me!!! Not beta read this time.

* * *

1.- Comfort
Ohno stretches in his bed slightly, not wishing to break the blissful feeling spreading on his limbs and coming from the bottom of his heart.

2.- Kiss
He has longed for that kiss so much that when his lips met Nino’s, all the air in his lungs wants to escape to kiss him too.

3.- Soft
The baby smiles, makes bubbles, laughs, and all Jun can do is melt while looking and squishing him in his embrance.

4.- Pain
Ohno feels the sharp notion of pain in his own chest when they carry Aiba out into the ambulance.

5.- Potatoes
Watching Nino savouring French fries is almost as delightful as stealing one from him and hearing him whining deceitfully.

6.- Rain
Wrapped in the soothing arms of love, they don’t even notice they’re drenched from head to toe.

7.- Chocolate
Nino doesn’t care that the little form doesn’t look exactly like a heart because looks can be deceiving.

8.- Happiness
Aiba giggles and thanks mutely to whomever made it possible to be again in the middle of that mess of arms, chests, heads and laughters that are his friends smashing him.

9.- Telephone
Sho’s voice at the other end of the world sounds incredibly low, sexy, near and Jun just closes his eyes and shivers.

10.- Ears
When Ohno affirms his ears are very, very soft, Nino silently agrees and smirks, in anticipation of getting more real prove of it later.

11.- Name
Seeing his name outside the exhibition hall in gigantic letters is as surreal as his last painting.

12.- Sensual
Hidden in the backstage Nino spies Ohno dancing, and he trembles at the beauty of it.

13.- Death
That morning, grey and suddenly heavy, he realizes that one day he won’t be able to look into his eyes and revel in his scent.

14.- Sex
It’s always too much and never enough, even when he feels him deep inside, asking him to yield without a word.

15.- Touch
Just a brush and it’s all it takes to make him seek for more.

16.- Weakness
Nino hates to show he’s in pain, except when Ohno is the one passing and arm around his shoulders and cuddling up next to him.

17.- Tears
Ohno tries to say he isn’t crying, as his voice breaks and eighty thousands voices cheer him up.

18.- Speed
Sho swears he’ll kill someone once the fall is over and he has his feet on solid ground again.

19.- Wind
Regarding caresses, the one coming from the strong breeze in the open sea is Ohno’s second favourite, after Nino’s fingers in his skin.

20.- Freedom
He knows he’ll be scoulded once he comes back, all ebony and wild but he can’t care less.

21.- Life
It all happened in the blink of an eye and suddenly he finds himself looking back at sixteen years together.

22.- Jealousy
Jun doesn’t want to feel that way, but when Sho looks at Ohno with that stare of sheer affection, he can’t help squirming in his seat.

23.- Hands
Ohno’s hands say more things with just a move than his mouth uttering a thousand words.

24.- Taste
Sho never thought that Jun’s skin would taste like home and love and sex and lust and that place he could drown himself into without wanting to come back.

25.- Devotion
He wanted to quit many times but got cold feet every time he looked at them and they smiled back at him.

26.- Forever
Sho could stay there, just watching Jun’s profile until the end of time.

27.- Blood
It wasn’t the real thing but before he knew, those red stains falling in the futon almost gave him a heart attack.

28.- Sickness
Aiba feels relieved when Jun’s hands him one of his terrifying concoctions with a warm expression in his eyes that tells him it’s not his fault.

29.- Melody
It’s been playing in his head all day but the words that accompany it are too private to be sung in the open.

30.- Star
Aiba asks him to make a wish while the delicate light sprints sideways in the sky and Jun stares at the pretty shape of his definite jaw, thinking he doesn’t need to wish for anything more than that precise moment.

31.- Home
Jun smiles, Sho laughs, Aiba hugs him, Ohno looks at him with that look that is a love declaration in itself and then he knows he’s home again.

32.- Confusion
He doesn’t understand how it all turns to hell in a brief moment and he’s forced to humilliate himself in front of people who don’t want him free to live his life.

33.- Fear
Sho doesn’t want to do it but he does, out of sheer braveness.

34.- Lightning/Thunder
In between the pourring rain and wild wind, a blinding light turns pale the spotlights and the tiny flierflies of the penlights and a low rumbling covers up their singing for one, two, three seconds and then disappears, giving room to the lightning of the fireworks and the thunder of some thousands voices in the dark.

35.- Bonds
Ohno knows they’ll be there to support him no matter what and his heart expands and breathes at the thought.

36.- Market
He’s awfully self-concious of the lady behind him in the queue, eyeing curiously at the things he carefully picked up to cook that night all to himself.

37.- Technology
Ohno doesn’t care much about moviles, laptops and the likes, except when they allow him to send messages saying ‘I love you’, together with a dozen fluffy emojies.

38.- Gift
Nino still keeps that bracelet Ohno took from his wrist and put in him, just seconds before he look at him and knew.

39.- Smile
His is not just a smile but his soul showing in the open for a moment.

40.- Innocence
When the baby falls asleep in Nino’s arms, one of his walls quivers and collapses.

41.- Completion
Jun feels awkward all day, until he gets home and lies down next to an sleeping Sho that gets closer and feets perfectly against him without even waking up.

42.- Clouds
They look menacing and irate but after Jun’s prayer they seem to just stay there and listen, until emotion overwhelms them and they cry over the stadium.

43.- Sky
It’s the bluest thing he’s ever saw and he promises to paint it and never forget that sunny day, nor the fingers curling at his own.

44.- Heaven
He may not believe there’s an after life but lost in that pair of deep eyes, he’s sure there’s Paradise in Earth.

45.- Hell
When he opens his eyes and finally can breath and remember, Aiba has an exact idea of what Hell might feel.

46.- Sun
Jun is running all along the aisles, so beautiful and luminous that even is already night, Sho feels him brighter than the sun.

47.- Moon
Nino knows Ohno’s always there in his whole, even if at times it seems as hidden and just random parts of him are visible to the common eye.

48.- Waves
The anonimous audience shakes like the sea, moving, coming, going, and their voices sing in a mix of different shapes that are extrangely in tune.

49.- Hair
Ohno’s growing locks reminds Nino of the time they met and his silky main drew amazing shadows over him.

50.- Supernova
He won’t be able to witness stars exploding or galaxies collapsing, but as he reaches completion he has a glimpse of how it probably would feel.

* * *
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