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Still together... Still wonderful... Still giving us so much...

So let me adress an open letter to you... It won't contain but a glimpse of what I feel about you but enough...

Dear all,

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I was looking at the images of you in that boat in Hawaii, some 14 years ago and wondering what stars were up, when it was decided you would be together. I don't know but, whoever did, probably wasn't completely aware either that the result would be so amazing and magical. Was it Kitagawa alone the one that decided on it? Someone else? Who knows, but it really doesn't matter much, as long as they put you there and had faith in you and your talent.

Back to that day, I love the expressions on your faces... You looked so misplaced, so young, so lost in a way, ignoring what was lying ahead of you... A group of teenagers obviously nervous but trying to give the best of themselves, right from the beginning... So precious...

Dark years came after that. Uncertain years. Painful years. Years full of tears, I'm sure. Of discouragement. Of bitterness. But also full of expectation, of moments to keep and remember. Full of laughters and delicious bakaness that compensated for the rest. Full of everything you had inside. You left your skins and souls in that path, your hearts, your souls. Can there be anything more amazing and wonderful than that?

And then, right to the top... You exploded, you exceded everything. But still, you didn't lost yourselves in the way. Still you kept your childish side, your humility. Still you kept being grateful and in some way, surprised with the reaction of fans. Still you gave all you had, helping people in their everyday lives to feel a bit less lonely, a bit less unhappy.

And here you are, more beautiful than ever. And I'm not talking about looks. I'm talking about who you are and what you have deep inside you. You're grown up to be five sensitive guys, five normal guys, but also five extraordinary men. Always humble and with their feet firmly put on the ground. Always willing to go on working harder. Always thankful for what you have.

So today it is me who wants to thank you for all that you have given me and others. For all the things you've missed because of what you do and where you are, that prevent you from ataining them. For your hearts, there in the open in so many ways. For giving us hope and colours and happiness.

For all that, thank you. Please keep being healthy and happy. Please keep being there a bit longer. Please take good care of yourselves and of the ones you love. And please never forget that we love you, so much that it's difficult to express it just with words... <3

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Congratulations for coming so far but most of all, for being as marvellous as you are...

Credit for the pics to t-u


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