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Abounding on why he's the one. I have a thousand reasons, though I'll just go on with the next five...

Day 2 - Explain why he's your ichiban- Part II

Come in if you feel like it. Reasons 6 to 10 and a bit of a picspam ;) )
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My second day with the meme... Even it's not the second "consecutive" day I know, but anyway...

Mmmmmmm, but are you really asking me to explain why is he my ichiban? Do you know what you're doing? Do you really know what you're doing? 'Cause I could be talking for hours about this, believe me XD

But, since you ask me, alright, here is the capital question:

Day 2 - Explain why he's your ichiban- Part I

Part I... The five first reasons why he became my ichiban... )
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A cosmic coincidence... That's what it is... Because... what are the chances that something like this happens??? Well, it happened and I'm still laughing my ass off with it.

But let me give you some feedback first...

I don't ususally pay any attention to the ads that appear in the webs I visit. I just ignore them. But a couple of days ago, something caught my eye while I was reading my mail. The advertisement of a Spanish phone company...

Here in Spain there are several phone companies. It could have been any of them, but it had to be this one...


(Credits at the end of the post)

Just take a look, please... )
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I really should be posting something else... thousands of something "elses" -all Arashi related of course... WHAT ELSE!!!!!-, but you see, I feel so overwhelmed by the massive quantity of things I want and need to say that I don't really know where to begin with.

Besides, my ichiban occupies so much space in my brain and in such a way that he doesn't allow me to think very clearly or put some order in this mess my grey cells had turned into...

Not to mention the rest of his mates that insist in joining the party :p

So, let me just dive into the abyss some more... the epicurean in me really needs it!!!

Through this nice meme thanks to [personal profile] faradakiut... You just gave me the perfect excuse to babble about them and specially him and... *sigh*... well, you know ;)

The meme... )


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