Monday, 9 July 2012

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Title: Unfolded
Pairing: Juntoshi
Rating: PG
Genre: Drabble, with some more drops of angst. Ohno's POV
Author: Cypros
Disclaimer: I don't own them, wouldn't want to. I just love them.

Summary: Jun's not the only one to have feelings, deeply buried in himself. Ohno has them too, an a simple hug is able to unfold them...

Note: Companion piece to "In the open".

título o descripción

* * *

"It's in your eyes...
The love, the longing, the desire...

It's in your arms surrounding me,
and in those fingers in my head, a crown of fire.

It's in your smile,
in that shyness that is afraid of entering my space,
but that's craving to do so.

It's in your heart that I can feel,
beating against mine.

As if I was looking at my own reflection in a mirror,
I see everything in there...
The love, the longing, the desire...
The lust, the silence, and the tears...

I try to harden myself, I try to reject you...
To put on my mask and pretend there is nothing...

But I can't...

Just for a moment, I allow myself to let go...
To love, to long, to lust,
Just for a moment, I revel in your scent,
your touch, your breath...

Just for a moment, I surrender, I yield, I succumb
Just for a moment, there's no mask...
Just for a moment, I let myself dream that you are mine..."

* * *

Credits for the Ohno's An An scan to my friend [ profile] ginger001
Please don't clame it as yours or use it without asking her permission.


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