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Boy oh Boy!!! I really don't know which part of my brains is doing the writing but it's been so long since the last time I posted and I haven't kept my promise of posting pictures and etcetera, etcetera, that I felt like coming for a few secs and letting myself go a little.

I'm tired, both mentally and physically tired, but never imagined I could feel so well after eleven hours working... Well, to be fair I could erase the last four... but the rest have been so fulfilling that I don't know if it's me who's in this new "morning" job or some clone that has taken my place as I find hard to believe I'm being so lucky.

Being the superstitious girl I am, I won't say this in a very high voice... you never know, but I'm actually happy in this new job... something I thought I'd never said until now. But I'm saying it, and while doing so I have a silly smile plastered on my face, from ear to ear and a kind of exhausted joy warming up my bones.

I hope this lasts for a very very long time... Someone out there please, pray for this to last!! This is quite miraculous and unexpected, so any help on this matter will be highly appreciated... Once you have met people so nice and competent, once you are into a place where you not only learn something new everyday but are respected and valued, the idea of leaving it, to see it change into something different seems almost unbearable, so please help me on this. Pray to the stars, to the moon, whatever, but pray please...

As for other things, I'm quite in a Beauty and the Beast mood, one of my favorite tv series of all times and I'm rewatching it again, this time in its proper way, that is, in English. This already old oddity never ceases to make me shiver with its views and stories as the first time I watched it, some fourteen years ago.

Maybe I would have ended it otherwise, maybe there are episodes I would have tried to put in a different way but, nevertheless, it still possess this magical quality, something ethereal and marvellous that can touch your heart and make you wonder, think and feel close to the characters as if you were part of them. There's also a sadness, a bittersweet scent, planning throughout the entire thing that also has the power to make you wish for more... more episodes, mores stories, more love...

But, as there is no more than those 56 episodes, I have been forced to come back to writing and put into paper -or into the computer screen-, whatever I wish for. Will I finish it?? Who knows... But, who cares?? I'm enjoying doing it, no matter if it's two pages or a hundred. So thanks to my almost favorite series for it...

And now that I'm on it, thanks to Ron Perlman. This series wouldnt've been possible without him. I'm glad people is beginning to know and recognize him now, thanks to Hellboy, because he's just one of these amazing actors, capable of doing no matter what. I'll talk more on him on a future post, because he really deserves it. I'll only say he has one of the most beautiful voices ever. He can make me laugh or shuder or feel as if I were in a distant place or a different time. You can even close your eyes and just listen to him. That's enough to allow you to feel whatever he's portraying.

But enough!! Enough!! I have to go now. Tomorrow or for better say, in a few hours, I'll have to get up and I don't want to miss the fun, just because I didn't hear the alarm.

Goodnight, sweet boys and girls... and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...

Don't blame me... not my fault... It's Ron's and Shakespeare's...

As Tom Waits said once... The piano has been drinking... not me...

Date: Wednesday, 14 December 2005 02:24 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
There you are!.
I've been wondering if you decided to stop posting...
Anyway, exhausted (husband that snores = no sleep), so, I won't even try to come with a proper comment (I'm surprised that I can write coherently).
But, I just wanted to say HI and I will be reading your entry better, tomorrow, after my school finals.

Date: Thursday, 15 December 2005 00:10 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're right mavilu, I'm awful. So long and not a simple line!!!

I really wanted to post but this last month has been quite a chaos for me, with this new job, new wake up time (too early for my taste, around six a.m. arggg haha) and other things, so even I wanted to come and post my brains didn't agree with me. I just put short comments in some communities but didn't find a way to put order in what I wanted to say.

I hope you had a good night sleep at last!!! And also that you did great in your finals!!

I'll try to be more regular in my posts. I really want to. I like the LJ and to be around more often. Talk to you soon!! ;)


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