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Oh my, yes!!! Another year behind and another birthday baby!!! Don't you find this goes a little too fast???

Anyway, good news are that, like a very good wine, you keep getting better and better as time goes by. And that I keep feeling as hooked as the first day I knew you had got me for good.

So baby, I may had had tecnical impediments, bad times, bad health, bad moods, bad whatever, but in spite of everything, guess what... I still love you to bits and want to celebrate, if not with you in person -I wished!! :p-, through the distance... The sentiment is same as if I had the cosmic gift of being with you for real...

So let's celebrate! )
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It's been six years... So long!!!

But I'm still here...

And in this sixth year, I love you still.

Your eyes, your mouth, your hands,

the beloved knowledge of your body,

your smile, your tears.

Your mind, your soul.

Your everything,

In just a word, you,



I love you <3
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Hi sexy!!! And happy birthday!!!

I hope you have a great day, plenty of love!!!

And as I can not be one of those giving you love from a close distance... Let me just give it to you from here and celebrate it by thanking whatever or whomever put you in this world...

My perfect one ; )
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Three years ago, in a day like today, I fell for you...

título o descripción

And you became the light of my life...

Three years ago... )
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It seems yesterday... Yesterday when I first saw you all and my journey in your rainbow began.

It hasn't been easy, as real life insists in making things hard and difficult and tries to make me put you appart in the process, but you have succeded in staying here, putting light and smiles when darkness and tears tried to invade it all.

título o descripción

Yesterday, but it was three years ago, on the 4th november 2010 that you came to me and your magic started to operate on me. For that and as always, I thank you. And please, keep being there, as I always ask too. At least in my mind and in my heart...

I love you all <3 )
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Pues sí, otro añito más que cumples en Johnny's y otro en que me retraso un día para congratularme contigo y en que no puedo hacerlo como yo quisiera por no disponer de ordenador propio en este momento. Pero como dicen que la intención es lo que cuenta y la mía es muy buena, pues aquí va... MUCHÍSIMAS FELICIDADES, GORGEOUS <3

Para otros aniversarios que se acercan, espero contar con un trasto computerizado en condiciones y así compensar la modestia de este post...

Anyway...Omedetou baby!!! <3 <3 <3
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Hello baby :D

This year my post to congratulate you is not going to be very fancy and I'm sorry for that. But my computer is down and I can't not post as I would like to...

But they say intention is what counts, isn't it?  )
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Always there, in that part of me that is entirely yours...

título o descripción

Cuddling around me... hugging my inner self deliciously and filling it with so much tenderness and love... All that tenderness and love I know you keep inside you...

It was also the 18th November, but two years ago, when I knew I had fell for you. And not a day has passed without you since then.

Not an hour, not a minute... )
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Aunque con retraso de un día, aquí estoy para felicitarte por ese nuevo aniversario en tu cuenta... Dieciocho añitos en Johnny's... ¡Se dice pronto!

¡¡¡Felicidades veterano :D )
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Title: Unfolded
Pairing: Juntoshi
Rating: PG
Genre: Drabble, with some more drops of angst. Ohno's POV
Author: Cypros
Disclaimer: I don't own them, wouldn't want to. I just love them.

Summary: Jun's not the only one to have feelings, deeply buried in himself. Ohno has them too, an a simple hug is able to unfold them...

Note: Companion piece to "In the open".

título o descripción

* * *

"It's in your eyes...
The love, the longing, the desire...

It's in your arms surrounding me,
and in those fingers in my head, a crown of fire.

It's in your smile,
in that shyness that is afraid of entering my space,
but that's craving to do so.

It's in your heart that I can feel,
beating against mine.

As if I was looking at my own reflection in a mirror,
I see everything in there...
The love, the longing, the desire...
The lust, the silence, and the tears...

I try to harden myself, I try to reject you...
To put on my mask and pretend there is nothing...

But I can't...

Just for a moment, I allow myself to let go...
To love, to long, to lust,
Just for a moment, I revel in your scent,
your touch, your breath...

Just for a moment, I surrender, I yield, I succumb
Just for a moment, there's no mask...
Just for a moment, I let myself dream that you are mine..."

* * *

Credits for the Ohno's An An scan to my friend [ profile] ginger001
Please don't clame it as yours or use it without asking her permission.
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Title: In the open
Pairing: Juntoshi
Rating: PG
Genre: Drabble with a drop of angst. Jun's POV
Author: Cypros
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Just the right to dream about them...

Summary: Jun's in love, for anyone to see...
Note: After seeing this, words started singing into my mind... Not my fault, but them's <3...

título o descripción

* * *

"I'll be careful not to press him too hard against my heart...
I'll be careful not to lean my cheek against his cheek...
I'll be careful not to put my fingers in his head, his neck, his skin...
I'll be careful not to show my feelings there, in the open...

Only thing is... I can't...

Because I want to press him hard against my heart...
I want to lean my cheek against his cheek...
I want to put my fingers in his head, his neck, his skin...
Because my feelings are there, in the open... and he knows..."

* * *

Credits for the gif to my friend [ profile] ginger001
Please don't clame it as yours or use it without asking her permission.
If she allows you to use it, please read her rules carefully and respect them.
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Sometimes Satoshi, there’s nothing healthier than to laugh at oneself…

título o descripción

And yesterday I had a good one at my expense.

The laughter through here... )
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Already four months without posting??? Jeeezzzz!!! That's quite a long time. So I'll try again. But no promises this time of writing more regularly. Just the wish to try and do so.

So here I go... )
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I know I'm a lazy poster...

I have many ideas to write but most of them end up lost in my mind for lack of time or because I think they will bore people to death or just 'cause I don't want to upset anyone. And even I said some posts ago, that I was going to try and change that, I keep tied up to my old habits.

But after all the talking and writing of the last few days, I really had to come...

And what's the thing that has took me out of my cave??? But of course...!!! The infamous fns live performance of our boys in Fuji Tv last wednesday :p!!!

So let me elaborate a bit about it... )
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Yessss... Today's riida's Birthday wave

The festivities through here!!! )
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Today is the day...

It's been 365 days since that one in which I fell for him... A year already??? It seems so. And it also seems this is not going to stop here, not today, not tomorrow...

I got a fever that day, some 52 weeks ago, and that fever has not decreased, nor lessened, not even for a bit. On the contrary, it is now higher, stronger, deeper...

And today he decided to make me fall even deeper with this CM... with those eyes and hands and flesh... and all the things lying behind...

One of my favourite poets said it, long ago, with words that seem to have been written in the depths of my brain and heart...

Words to The Stranger... )
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I've only known you for less than a year but it has been a time that you've filled with joy and happiness. A short time, but enough to make me know the kind of man you are and all the things you are able to give and accomplish.

And today, I want to thank you for it...

Because today, seventeen years ago, even you surely didn't know what it'd entailed, you took an important step that has made millions of people feel the way I do now...

And I know you felt like leaving at times, like giving up, but you didn't and for that and so much more...

Congratulations and thank you!!! )
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Uhmmm... I needed a change in my header... And here it is. I'm sorry for the rest of the kids. I liked to have them there but right now, the need to have my little riida there was to much to bear...

So here he is... Now I can drool and be at risk of dehydration every time I come :p 'cause... God!!! I love those eyes, those lips, those arms, those shoulders, those legs, those feet... that everything!!!! What has this tiny sorcerer done to me????!!!! I love him all!!!

And the madness goes on, and on, and on... Oufffff O_o
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I found this test on [ profile] micky_29 journal and even I don't really believe in these kind of things I just gave it a try, if only to forget how hot it is in Madrid right now oufff!!! It's almost midnight and it feels like an oven. I put my barometer outside the window for a while and it marks... 26º C!!! Still!!!Arfffff...

So, in order to forget this unmerciful weather, on with the quiz... Though the result gave me another heat wave hahaha... Hot Satoshi's fault :O

My percentages through here ;) )
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Today it's been six months since I got mad about the boy...

The boy

Six months of joy... )


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